Convert Your Existing Deck Into a Sunroom

Published: 19th March 2010
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A.W. Ross is the controller of Lundberg Roofing, Windows & Siding, a company that has been serving the Charlotte, North Carolina area since 1979. In his opinion, sunrooms are a great way to add value and year-round enjoyment to your home.

If you're fortunate enough to have a deck, you're probably grateful for the ability to cook, dine, and lounge outdoors whenever the weather allows. Although while your deck might serve you rather well during the warmer months, you may not be able to use it once the temperature becomes cooler. However, there might be a way for you to enjoy your deck all year long, even when the weather isn't at its kindest, by converting your existing deck into a sunroom.

The benefits of a sunroom
Since a sunroom can add square footage to an existing house, it is a wise investment for a homeowner looking to maximize his living space. A sunroom is an enclosed area of the house that allows people to experience an outdoor life. Sunrooms are typically designed in a manner that allows for the maximum amount of sunlight to enter the area--hence the name. While it is certainly possible to build a sunroom from scratch and add it to a home's existing framework, an existing deck or porch can make the addition of a sunroom much easier. Therefore, if you already happen to have a deck, you might want to consider turning it into a sunroom for year-round use.

By turning your deck into a sunroom, you're not limited to just using it during the nicer summer months. And, you can also instantly add to the value of your home while improving its overall functionality. Best of all, it's far cheaper to add a sunroom to an existing deck than to have one built from scratch. Some companies sell pre-fabricated sunrooms that can simply be placed over an accessible structure for a quick and painless project. Although you still need to hire a company or contractor for the sunroom installation, your existing deck can make the process cost effective, especially given the benefits involved.

A sunroom is more comfortable
Once the project is complete, you will no longer have an open-air deck at your disposal. However, a sunroom can be more comfortable because it offers you outdoor access and sun protection at the same time. Even after adding a sunroom, if you're still left with plenty of space in the backyard, you could install an adjacent patio, or just break out lounge chairs so you are not missing the summertime feel.

So, if you're ready to take your outdoor living space to the next level, contact a company that specializes in sunroom additions and get ready to reap the benefits of never having to deny yourself access to the warmth and light of the sun again. Lundberg can use Thermal Industries custom sized vinyl windows or DreamspacE wall system components to convert your existing deck or screened porch into a comfortable sunroom area. Schedule an appointment to upgrade your screened room today! 

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