Repainting Old Car Mirrors and Door Moldings

Published: 30th March 2010
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Why do you buy a new car mirror just because the casing looks tired or invest in new door moldings for the same reason? You can make your car look as good as new with automotive reconditioning, which is the better and cheaper way to go. Aaron Baird owns West Coast Recon, a mobile automotive reconditioning company based in southern California. Here, he talks about how his company can repaint car mirrors and door moldings at your convenience.

Car mirrors and door moldings begin to look unsightly when they are crying out for a new paint job. Door moldings can come in different colors. Sometimes they are the color of the car; sometimes they are a black trim color. The moldings are on the side of the car and they often get scratched themselves.

But there's no need to spend a week at a body shop. We can fix the problems with the same process we do a bumper repairing. First, we clean the area to be repaired and mask the adjacent parts to prevent overspraying. We must make sure to match the proper color before sanding into the damaged area. Then we sand and repair the scratched or damaged area. Finally, after priming and repainting it, we apply clear coat to the repair area twice for a beautiful long-lasting finish.

Car mirrors usually get scratched by people walking by or other incidents. Car mirrors fall under the same category as door moldings so the repair process is the same. Be aware that we are talking here about the mirror cover: not the actual glass but the structure that encases the mirror. People often think they need to buy a new mirror instead of realizing that it can be fixed. Usually what they do is just leave it, so they sometimes have had a scratched mirror for years. They don't think it's worth replacing it or getting it fixed as they feel it's a real hassle to go to a body shop.

West Coast Recon was started by my brother, Jonathan Baird, and myself. After having worked for a different automotive reconditioning company for a combined 20 years, we decided strike out on our own and formed West Coast Recon. Our mission to provide customers with body shop quality work but at a much lower price and in much less time.

Aaron Baird is a writer for Yodle, a business directory and online advertising company. Find an auto body shop or more auto body shop articles at Yodle Consumer Guide.

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